Focus On What You Can Control

We complicate life even more than it is. 

We focus on what we can’t control and when things don’t go our way, we feel rejected and depressed. Our self-worth takes a hit and we begin doubting our worth as a human being.

Whether it’s our personal, spiritual, family, or professional or business life, our minds are centered on the wrong things. 

There’s a simple solution that has helped me over the years.

It’s simply to refocus my thoughts on what I can control and let go of everything else. It may sound too simple but the reality is it’s more powerful than anything else I’ve done or do.

Imagine an inverted pyramid. At the very tip is what we control. In the middle are those things we can’t control but we have some influence over. At the very top of the inverted pyramid are those things we can’t control, and that’s in my experience, most of what we’re dwelling on and frustrated about.

The reality is that we have full control over very little in our lives. In fact, for me, the only thing I feel like I have complete control over are my thoughts and my actions. How I respond to life is my deal. What life throws at me is life’s deal. I can’t control life but I can control what I think about every minute. I can control what I do every minute. I can’t control when someone is critical of me but I can control how I respond and I can control whether I decide to be around critical people that are critical without any intent to build and help me to become better. 

I invite you right now to think about those things that have been frustrating you. I invite you to reflect on the feelings you have about yourself and the source of those feelings. Then ask yourself what of those things you can actually control. For everything you can’t control let go of it and see what you end up with. 

To living your life’s mission,


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