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You have a unique and divine mission in life, a special duty to perform. You are the only person on earth with your unique combination of gifts, talents, and experiences. Your life is not a coincidence. Your life has purpose and meaning.

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Meet Jared

Jared received his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Oxford, and studied Philosophy at Brigham Young University.

Over the course of Jared's career, he has:

  • Done business in 35 countries with #1 performing products throughout Asia and in Mexico
  • Negotiated annual cost reductions of hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Successfully led an organizational restructuring requiring headcount reduction, change in culture, success measures (performance indicators) and business model
  • Coached small to large teams in leadership, strategic thinking and problem-solving, accountability, and customer service

He is director of Field Operations for a non-profit organization which has helped more than 1 million people in more than 80 countries begin lifting themselves out of poverty. 

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Living a Life of Excellence, Joy, and Meaning

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Leadership Excellence

There is a deficit of great leaders. Too many lack the leadership skills and don't understand the moral responsibility accompanying power, and are focused solely on the finite game of chasing financial targets and neglect the infinite principles that create unforgettable leaders. Click to learn more