Get to know us

Beliefs and Behaviors

  • We believe every person is divine by nature
  • We believe every person is born with nascent greatness with the potential and responsibility to nourish it
  • We believe every person deserves love, kindness, respect, and dignity
  • We believe every person deserves equal access to education and opportunity
  • We believe each of us have a divine responsibility to lift, love, and build each other

Everything about us, is really about you.

UPOWERU started in a living room as my family and I talked about empowering people to become their best selves and to live with purpose and joy.

For many years UPOWERU was only a concept we hoped one day to realize. After seeing the world become more and more complex and unequal, and many millions of people becoming victim, we decided it was time to finally launch UPOWERU.  

Jared studied Philosophy at Brigham Young University, and business from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. He has been a director of a worldwide non-profit focused on helping lift people out of poverty, has personally done business in more than 35 countries, loves coaching people and doing humanitarian work. Jared loves the outdoors, traveling, eating foods from other cultures, exercising, and learning new things.


Jacob has managed regional sales at a tech company with a $300 million valuation. He learned marketing on the job and is learning how to code. He loves the outdoors and exercising.