My name's Jared,
and I'm your friend!
Every successful business leader and entrepreneur has a friend, someone to bounce ideas off, and sometimes to give an honest reality-check others aren't willing to give.

Every successful business is built on the right people with the right skills who passionately share a common vision, aligned and accountable. Continual investment in leadership development is key to long-term success.

Let's see what we can achieve, together.
2/3 of CEOs prioritize leadership development as their number-one concern.
A majority of CEOs recognize that an effective leadership development program is key to achieving goals and long-term growth. Yet, most leadership development programs fail. 

Learn 5 reasons why leadership development programs fail and what you can do to be successful. 
If you are an aspiring leader committed to success, you must master core, foundational leadership skills.

Most CEOs see a lack of leadership in their organizations as their #1 concern. What are you doing to know and master the 2-3 key leadership skills your CEO wants and that will impact the organization's goals?
What is UPOWERU?
UPOWERU is a leadership and human performance company founded by Jared Sasser. It's founding principles are that 1) all people have greatness within them, yet most fall short of their potential because they lack vision, clarity, and purpose. And 2) organizations rise only to the level of their people.

UPOWERU works with CEOs and aspiring leaders to develop leadership development frameworks most important for them and for their organizations. 
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