"Cure dis-ease in your organization... 
without side-effects"
"I've discovered that most organizations suffer from dis-ease  or mis-alignment.  Many CEOs don't even know it and they don't know how to fix it.  
I want to change that!"
I'm Jared Sasser.  I help CEOs and their organizations align across six key areas of their business, so they will: 
  •  Increase sales
  •  Reduce costs
  •  Deliver projects/products on-time and within budget
  •  Build leadership capability and accountability
How do you know if your organization is misaligned?  

  • Sales are flat/declining for 3 or more quarters
  •  Projects are consistently late and over budget
  •  Product launches miss financial targets
  •  Too frequent out of stocks  
  •  A culture of accountability is absent
  •  There is no shared vision that moves the organization to act
It's not your fault!
No matter how misaligned your organization may be, or how many mistakes you've made in the past, it's not your fault and it's time to put it behind you and to start new!

It's not your fault because no one has ever taught you a better way.
It's not your fault because you were trained "that's how it's always been done." 

Whatever the reason, today is your day to start fresh and begin creating the growth and profitability and innovation that you have always dreamed of.
Your new prescription
Your prescription to massive growth begins with a FREE 9-point health checkup (hint: just click on "Yes, I want a FREE checkup" button below).

Once your checkup is complete, you have the option to end it there and continue going in the direction you're going...


...you can take action right now and start on your path to massive growth. 
"The typical prescription uses duct-tape tactics that are short-term and generally ineffective. 
 Duct-tape tactics are like giving someone with a broken bone two aspirin and telling them to call you in the morning expecting the bones to magically align themselves and heal."
Have you ever heard (or used) these "duct-tape" tactics to solve a problem?
  •  Hire more people
  •  Fire more people
  •  Spend more money on advertising
  •  Work harder
  •  Just fix it!
I can say with confidence and first-hand experience that they don't work!

What does work is assessing the organization as a whole for symptoms of dis-ease, targeting the areas where the greatest pain is present and affecting results, then building on the capability of the organization to fix their own problems.  

In other words, we find the root causes of your problems then help you eliminate them by mastering the fundamentals.
Aligning the Six Key Areas
If you're like most, you may not fix things until they are painfully broken. That's human behavior, isn't it?  We start dieting when our bulging belly becomes too painful to look at or when we're diagnosed with diabetes.  

Generally, we commit to changing our situation when either the pain of not fixing something is too great to withstand, or when the gain of doing something is greater than the pain of not doing it. Pain and gain, two primary reasons that drive us to change.

Whichever you are motivated by, assessing, aligning, and training to the six key areas regularly in your organization will create a long-term, sustaining economic engine of change that will drive your organization.
"Aligning the six key areas of your business is key to your long-term growth.  
They are the foundation to a healthy organization."
#1:  Vision. Mission. Values
Vision, mission, and values are core to any organization concerned about returning value to its shareholders, creating a growing and sustainable business, and building inside leadership. 

The most successful and sustaining organizations are those with founders and senior executives 1) focused on long-term growth, 2) delivering real value to its customers, and 3) building their own people. 

I believe this can only happen when there is a passionate vision, mission, and values that are part of the working DNA of the organization and its people. It's what gives them meaning and purpose. It's what brings them to work every day. It's what keeps their minds and efforts focused on the work and forgiving of the organizational short-comings.  
#2:  People
A core focus of our people development is building capability. There is nothing more powerful than an organization with employees who know and understand the vision and mission, and who proactively use their uniqueness and experiences and skills to achieve it.
“People are the competitive advantage of any organization and its source of strength and lasting power. Organizations will never rise above the level of its people.” 
#3:  Customer Pain
Do you know your customer's pain that you're trying to solve? Have you confirmed this by scientific testing (validated learning)?  Does everyone in your organization know the customer pain and align their work to it?  Is this pain specifically identified in your product or service plan?  

I've discovered that most companies never test their assumptions with their customers. They believe they know, and maybe they do some focus groups which are fundamentally flawed, but they never dive deep with real, scientific tests that will increase the chances of success. 
"50% of launches don't hit their targets."  McKinsey  
#4:  Pain Prescription
Once you truly understand your customers pain, you can then focus on providing a prescription that is more likely to solve the pain.  Solving your customer's pain, whatever it is, will earn you long-term loyalty and increase the chance of hitting your sales targets.

Imagine your doctor guessing what's wrong with you and giving you medication in hopes he's guessed right, or worse yet, he cuts into you.  Medical errors rank behind heart disease and cancer as the third leading cause of death in the United States, according to researchers at John's Hopkins.  That's 250,000 deaths each year.  

Don't let your business go without diagnosis or worse yet, be mis-diagnosed.  Don't be among the 250,000 victims...
#5:  Key Metrics and Drivers
Almost every company I have worked with has sales goals, manufacturing targets, or others.  Yet, very few of these companies understand the behavior or specific activities that will predict these goals or targets are achieved.

Imagine you have a goal to sell $50 million this quarter. Great! But what are the key drivers your sales people should focus on to ensure this?   What about your manufacturing team...what do they need to do on a daily or weekly basis? What about your logistics team?  Or, your finance team?  How are you measuring and reporting them?  Identifying the right key drivers and living by them with full accountability across the organization is key to every success.
#6:  Market Potential
Though everyone will say they know their market potential, and that the market opportunity is still strong and trending positive, most of the time it's not based on any real market feedback.  They haven't scientifically tested the market.  They don't know when to keep going and when to pivot.  Pivoting too early or too late, or never pivoting at all, is a significant risk to everyone business depending on where they are in the lifecycle. 
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